Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Cabin 2013

This year's annual trip to The Cabin was quite an ordeal.  As our family gets bigger, schedules get more conflicted.  In years past, we have stayed 2 nights and have all been together.  But this year, not everyone could come at the same time, so we stayed 3 nights and people came and went as they could.  Hopefully we will be able to coordinate our schedules better in the future.

But we did end up going!  And as always, it was an absolute blast.  We ended up staying in a smaller cabin the first night with barely enough room for all the food we brought!
The kids shared a big bed in Grandma and Grandpa's room upstairs.
Everyone was a little squished that night, but we made it through and moved into a larger cabin the next day.  So much more room!
Aaahhh!  Much better!
And the snowmobiles!  Of course we rode snowmobiles!  A2 couldn't wait to get started.
Grandpa happily obliged this cute little guy in his goal to be a speed demon.
Last year, A2 cried when we drove faster than 5 mph.  This year he begged us to go faster and faster.
And why don't I have any pictures of A1 on her snowmobile?  She was WAY too excited to hang around for photography.  Just like A2, she begged to go faster and faster.  And this year was the first time in 3 years that I got to go snowmobiling (pregnancy and breastfeeding really put a damper on fun, you know).
However, the best part of the whole trip was playing games with family.  Erin stayed inside for most of the trip because she had to take care of her new little one, Molly.  Isn't she a doll?
So I stayed inside quite a bit and played games with Erin and Molly and Grandpa (after he was done driving A1 and A2 faster and faster).  We also got some serious movie-watching in.
And what about L2?  What did he do at his first cabin trip?  Well, he mostly just hung around with the adults.
How we love the cabin!  I sure hope everyone's schedule works out so we can all get together next year too.

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